Online Tax Bills

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Links to online tax bill information for account 0430910000018 is provided by agreement with HCAD from the jurisdictions listed below. This information is provided as a convenience only.

There may be other jurisdictions which levy taxes on this account but do not not provide online information.

Any questions regarding tax bills should be referred to the appropriate taxing jurisdiction. Harris County Appraisal District determines whether property is taxable and the value of the property, but does not levy taxes, send tax bills, or collect payments. Questions regarding property value, ownership for tax purposes, or exemptions may be referred to the HCAD Information Center at 713-957-7800.

Jurisdiction Information

Exemptions and Jurisdictions
Exemption Type Districts Jurisdictions Exemption Value ARB Status 2017 Rate 2018 Rate Online Tax Bill
004 CYPRESS-FAIRBANKS ISD Supplemental: 09/07/2018 1.440000 1.440000 View
040 HARRIS COUNTY Supplemental: 09/07/2018 0.418010 0.418580 View
041 HARRIS CO FLOOD CNTRL Supplemental: 09/07/2018 0.028310 0.028770 View
042 PORT OF HOUSTON AUTHY Supplemental: 09/07/2018 0.012560 0.011550 View
043 HARRIS CO HOSP DIST Supplemental: 09/07/2018 0.171100 0.171080 View
044 HARRIS CO EDUC DEPT Supplemental: 09/07/2018 0.005195 0.005190 View
045 LONE STAR COLLEGE SYS Supplemental: 09/07/2018 0.107800 0.107800 View
334 HC WCID 159 Supplemental: 09/07/2018 0.500000 0.500000
633 HC EMERG SRV DIST 9 Supplemental: 09/07/2018 0.052710 0.052710 View
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